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Ever wanted to create your own magic trick? CREATE MAGIC is an activity book that makes you come up with the impossible. For the first time in magic you'll be creating as you read.

The Head Consultant to the most-viewed viral video page in the world shares his secrets to creating magic.

Who is Tom Elderfield?
If you've seen magic on TV or social media in the last 5 years, you've almost definitely seen Tom Elderfield's influence. His client list is a who's who of TV magic, top brands, and social media giants. Case and point, Tom creates more magic than he can pursue himself.

But How Does He Do It?
This book isn't about what Tom is... It's about what Tom does, and how YOU CAN DO IT TOO.

In this book you will:
- Learn Tom's secret chameleon technique for creating magic.
- Discover the power of failing to create new methods.
- Uncover original ideas with the power of 'switching'.
- Flip the script and explore Tom's simpler, method first approach.
- Create magic from nothing using elaborate Venn Diagrams.
- Find out exactly how Tom solves problems to create new effects while consulting... and how you can too.

This book will help you create more tricks than it teaches... If it stays in mint condition... You've failed! By buying CREATE MAGIC you're are agreeing to destroy it with notes, rip out pages, stick random objects in it and drip coffee stains all over its cover. You are encouraged to do whatever it takes in the pursuit of creativity and fun.

Over 130 pages with full-color print, inside & out. Measures 148 cm x 210 cm (A5).

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