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"Gambling Sleight of Hand - Forte Years of Research" is a two-volume set consisting of over 1100 pages and 1300 black/white photographs. The set details more than 1000 combined gambling moves, stunts, technical considerations, principles, and key observations. The research was specifically culled and written for the ‘hobbyist,’ e.g., magicians, cardmen, and cardwomen.

To get an idea of what you will find within the pages, click and look at the impressive Table of Contents. For a review, have a look at the quotes below or click at the YouTube link and listen to Steve Faulkner.

This is the second edition and we asked Steve Forte to sign each set for us. Volume 1 has 515 pages and volume 2 has 592 pages. The books are not sold separately.


“Gambling Sleight Of Hand - Forte Years of Research will revolutionize sleight of hand with playing cards and forever change the way you handle cards. I know because it happened to me. A whole new world of deceptive thinking and execution awaits you!” - Bill Malone

There has never been, nor will there ever be, a book on sleight of hand with cards like Gambling Sleight of Hand - Forte Years of Research. No book has ever been written by an outsider to the magic world, for the magic world, and it’s all based on Steve’s extraordinary experiences and expertise. I’m betting that it won’t take long before The Expert at the Card Table will be a mere footnote while Gambling Sleight of Hand will be the trusted, respected, go-to reference for future generations of cardmen!” - Norman Beck

Steve Forte’s Gambling Sleight of Hand is the book I wish I had when I started learning about card handling techniques. There are so many ‘why hadn’t I thought of that before’ moments. Gambling Sleight of Hand is a MUST have for any serious card man.” - Gary Plants

Steven L. Forte’s Magnus Opus, Gambling Sleight Of Hand, is hitherto the single greatest exposition on the subject to date, and henceforth shall never be surpassed. All future work (by others), by necessity, will be relegated to the category of derivation and/or extrapolation of Mr. Forte’s masterpiece. With that being said, let’s get to the crux of the matter, indeed a “warning” as it were, to those self-appointed “card experts” (in this I include myself) who at first may have difficulty subjecting themselves to the proper humility in order to render themselves teachable:

The sheer volume and incidence of inspired instruction regarding execution, deportment, and philosophy—all of which never entered your mind (and never would have)—will have a daunting, humbling, and may I say at times, a “shaming” effect. At times you may enter periods of distress, exclaiming, “Will I live long enough to fix all my errors and weak thinking?” Many of these inspired gems of instruction that will change your card work forever, occur in short paragraphs and even single sentences—so read each line carefully! Now that you’ve been sufficiently warned, and are properly prepared to begin your long journey through the hundreds and hundreds of moves, stratagems, and stunning routines (or “stunts” as Steve likes to call them); I can safely say that, as we enter the “roaring 20s,” this is the only book that you need to purchase this decade. (I’m serious—you may very well need the time to finish it!)” - Jack Carpenter

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