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Siden 1987
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  1. Imagine fanning the faces of a deck, showing a spectator they are different.
  2. Then spreading the deck on a table while BLINDFOLDED, and having a spectator FREELY pick a card.
  3. Have the spectator place the card BACK into spread AND really shuffle it (WITHOUT you touching it).
  4. Slowly let the cards fall face down (still blindfolded), and miraculously FINDING the spectator's chosen card.

You will also learn these four routines:

The Woodpecker
The magician demonstrates his extraordinary slight of hand and memory technique and offers to transfer his magical powers to the spectator so that they can pick the chosen card out of a dribbling deck of cards by themselves. And they do!

Double ACAAN (Any Card at Any Number)
The magician will use an audience member as an assistant to find other audience members' cards at an unspecified place in the deck. Three audience members get to participate in the effect in three different ways.

Impossible Coincidence
In this routine, the spectator will do all of the work. This routine is a hybrid of two classic effects: any card at any number and double coincidence. This effect is so astonishing that the spectator won't see the obvious in plain sight.

Do as I Do
This routine is the most entertaining and the cleanest "Do as I Do" version that you've ever seen. By just adding a coin, this routine becomes funnier and more practical.

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