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The Queen Bee is the matriarch of the hive. Worshipped by the entire colony and fiercely protected. After making hugely popular Killer Bee and Super Bee designs in the past, they knew at ellusionist, that there was only one more level that remained unexplored... The revered monarch herself: the Queen Bee!

The design is a classic of borderless decks, repeating into infinity with bees that fly in opposing directions. There is but one break in this rule, the yellow bee that stands out in the top left and top right corner. It accents the design and creates a focal point for your eyes. This little splash of yellow in a sea of black looks stunning in fans and spreads, allowing the minimal design to feel more 3-dimensional.

The white faces display custom pips that hold a sinister simplicity. Each pip is arranged in a completely custom way, with a hidden hive represented in 1 pip of each number card. This subtle hint is to compliment the Queen's geometric styling.

Each court card is custom, with connecting hexagons encasing an effeminate design, like honey trapped within a single cell of the honeycomb. The lines are thin and sleek but the aura for each court card is instantly recognizable.

The tuck is custom-made by a print house that specializes in intricate details. The tuck-paper is matte yellow and thicker than standard deck cases. All details on the sides and front are debossed to create texture. The back of the tuck is foiled in black stripes featuring the life-giving Queen, taken from the Queen of clubs within the deck.

Ellusionist and Cartamundi have worked hard to create the special E7 stock and that was first launched with the Blue Cohorts playing cards two years ago. The deck credited by many, for switching their allegiance from USPCC to Cartamundi decks. Queen Bees have this very same stock, the stock we believe is the best for magic, gambling, and card handling in general. Nothing feels better.

Ellusionist will donate 10% of the profits from each deck sold to the fight for the Bee's survival.

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