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Siden 1987
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"Mr. Swiss is an astute observer of character, a passionate lover of good magic, and the kind of friend that good people value... The finished book is as beautiful as it is challenging, informative, stimulating and a genuine pleasure to read." - Eric Mead

"Will set you on a road to ponder your own magic, and the way in which you perform it, and make you a better magician because of it. I highly recommend it." - Matthew Field

"I regard Swiss as a cross between Tom Bowyer, the witty, insightful but often acerbic critic in the early days of The Linking Ring, and S.H. Sharpe, the British magic essayist and polemicist. Swiss surpasses Bowyer and Sharpe, however, with the quality of his ideas, his ability as a performer and his gift as a writer... collectors and magic historians should consider reading this work to learn about four modern masters who are no longer with us... [in] profiles and appreciations of the post-Houdini, post-Cardini, post-Vernon world of magic. They reminded me of Maurice Zolotow's profile of Cardini that appeared originally in The Saturday Evening Post- David Ben

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