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Arsene Lupin has modified a lighter so that enables you to produce a huge flame from it - exactly when you want it. A fun gag that you can use every time you need fire: to the candle, to the casserole, to the torch, to the cigarette or to burn the envelopes. The lighter works perfectly normal until you want more "power" to it, and a giant flame pops up.

The flame is created using an ampoule that you lightly press with your hand holding the lighter. In the ampoule is the so-called flash powder (Lycopodium) that you must have put inside before the show. Once it is "charged" you can make 5-10 big puffs.

The powder is not included but can be purchased below. In an amount that will get you enough for hundreds of big flames.

Perfect as an eye-catching gag - both for close-up and stage use. Supplied with instructions. 

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