Another very exciting prop from Ukrainian Victor Voitko. For the first has a little compact yet powerful smoke machine been combined with strong light - and it gives an incredible effect. Just look at the video above. Certainly not for everyone. But carefully made for the professional and serious magician and artist. 

With Voitkos SmokeLight you can get an impressive amount of smoke and light to shine out of your empty hands.
Included is also a remote control and a timer, that makes it possible to make the smoke come after 1, 5 or 30 seconds after you've pressed. This fantastic gimmick can be used in many different ways - for shows, TV, theater, Musicals e.t.c. 

The equipment is made so that it can be carried on your body in almost every costume. You can naturally also place the little clever smoke machine somewhere else - e.g in a hat, and then control via the remote control. You can freely choose if you want the smoke to be combined with light.

Wha you will get:
The little powerful smoke machine
Remote control
Control system so that you can control the smoke with your body
Carrier for the wrist
To bottles of smoke liquid  

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