Add color to your performance with this beautifully designed color forcing deck from Taylor Imagineering.

Carefully designed to match the style and vivid tones of designer paint chips, the 
Iris Deck can be handled freely by the spectator before allowing the performer to force a color. With original routines from the mind of Christopher Taylor, the Iris Deck is simple to use and beautiful in execution. Paint your stories in color with the Iris Deck.

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Eclipse is used by magicians daily around the world. Set in a gorgeous leather coin wallet, the performer knows the instant the target coin is removed, allowing for a spectacular hands-off reveal every time.
ECLIPSE - Christopher Taylor 5003
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/ UNIT incl. VAT
In stock
This Spirt Bell can be rung in real time by remote control, and as many times as the performer likes... The spectator does not only hear, but see the bell ring itself! Available in two versions.
DEATH TOLL BELL - Christophter Taylor 4987
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In stock
The perfect PK touch. Geist allows the performer to psychically ‘touch’ a participant in real time- no time delay or misdirection. An impossible moment of pure magic. Twice the power of the earlier version.
GEIST - Christopher Taylor 3661
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/ UNIT incl. VAT
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What we have here is a complete set of force dice. You recieve 21 dice in total, giving you three force dice for each number as well as 3 reg dice. These are the same dice that we use in our best selling No Chance effect.
DKK 450,00
/ UNIT incl. VAT
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