Have you also been running around searching for lighter fluid in tobacco kiosks? There are not many places that sell it anymore, so to fulfill your needs we have now taken it into the assortment.

125 ml. of the famous Zippo Lighter fluid, burning with a clear and visible flame. Thanks to the practical tip it is easy to dose the right amount.

Note: It is not legal to bring gasoline on board airplanes! For the same reason, we can not ship this product outside Denmark's borders.

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A great device for mentalists and stage artists! The Youtube video above should give you a few examples of what you can potentially unleash. This electronic version of the candle provides instant flame at any time you want.
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You open your wallet and immediately flames rise from it. You close the wallet and the flames disappear immediately. The second after opening it again, the flames are gone and it is filled with banknotes.
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You tell the audience that you have bought an old magic book of spells. You leaf through the pages of the book "Here are the really hot secrets," you say, and at the same time, big flames rise from the book!
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Fyrefli designed the world's first fire juggling balls that you can juggle without gloves! If you can juggle, you can FyreBall juggle. Dead easy to fire up and even easier to impress your friends.
FYREFLI FIRE JUGGLING BALLS (set of 3) 68 mm. 713
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/ UNIT incl. VAT
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e. Behind his back, you light a torch, which you then use to light the top of the tube (the specators' hair), and it immediately starts burning with huge flames. The crowd is screaming while the spectator himself unknowingly looks at them.
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/ UNIT incl. VAT
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