Vanish any ring, any time!

The revolutionary ring vanishing handkerchief!

The problem with most ring vanishing handkerchiefs is that you can only vanish a specific ring size. This is awkward for the practical performer as you have to search for someone with the correct ring. If you can't find the correct ring then you have to skip the trick. That problem you won't have with this. You can vanish any sized ring, from a thin Engagement Ring to the thickest Signet Band.

The spectator's ring is placed under a handkerchief and the spectator holds his/her ring through the material. The spectator feels his/her ring until the last second; when the spectator lets go, the ring is gone!

The borrowed ring can be made to appear anywhere you want. This is the ultimate accessory item. Bonus routine included!

Don't leave home without...ANY RING!


  • Specially manufactured ring vanishing handkercief
  • Fully illustrated instructions
  • bonus routine

"Finally a ring vanishing handkerchief for the working pro!" -Michel H, Canada

"This is so practical and easy to use...thanks!" -J. Peterson, U.K.

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