Did you see Alexandra Duvivier fool Pen & Teller with this effect? If not, click right here and enjoy...

Imagine the deck being mixed in all possible directions (some face up, some face down) by the magician as well as by the spectator. Magically, all the cards are now face down, except a few of them... they allow you to perform incredible revelations:

- You can predict cards
- Or find the four Aces
- And reveal freely chosen cards!

- 2 decks of Bicycle Rider Back
- A fine black cloth bag
- Instructions with many applications, including Christian Engblom's method, tips and bonus

- A revolutionary concept
- A fantastic secret kept during more than 40 years
- Very easy to do

"The great Dominique Duvivier first showed me CIB back in 2002, in Madrid. I was more than fooled! The truth is the impossibility of this miracle haunted me for years. I simply had no explanation. It was MAGIC. And it is MAGIC!" - Christian Engblom

"The fantastic routine, CIB, is another diabolical classic from the mind of Dominique Duvivier. The routine has it all. It's practical, self-contained. It's easy to do and it fools everyone... including Penn & Teller. Perhaps the best part is that is an extremely unusual plot that makes it stand out in any show. You will use this masterpiece for years to come!" - Bob Kohler

"It's an extreme rarity when an entirely new effect is created and it's equally rare when an entirely new method is created. CIB combines both of these. It is not only a startling new and ingenious effect, but it also introduces an incredibly clever and utterly original method. This miracle is one of the great things to come along in the last 20 years." - Bill Kalush

"Duvivier puts in your hands, not just a fantastic triumph, but a potent weapon that is sure to improve many of your existing routines as well." - Dani DaOrtiz

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