During your close-up routine and after some card tricks with the deck, you say you will try something with the case.

With the empty case closed, you take a small black disk from your pocket - a disk about the size of a 2 euro coin. "Here's a black hole," you explain. "Black holes are secret doors between the real world and the 4th dimension. Even though it seems ordinary, this black hole allows passage to another dimension, to another place. It allows matter to pass through matter."

Your spectators will be intrigued.

"You doubt it? Watch...!"

You place mysterious black hole on the case. You invite your spectators to watch what happens next... they're not going to believe it:

Your index finger approaches the black hole. As soon as it touches the hole, it seems to pass into another dimension! Yes! Your finger sinks in as if absorbed by the black hole!

You now invite a spectator to lend you a coin and sign it. Holding it at the tips your fingers, you bring the coin toward the black hole and the coin seems to be absorbed into the hole!

You shake the case and everyone can hear the coin inside. You gently open the case and allow the contents to fall on your spectator's palm.

Remove the black hole from the case. There's NO SIGN of ANY opening! Has the passage of matter through matter now become possible?

  • EVERYTHING happens just as described!
  • The trick is a marvel of construction, as you will see. Everything is 100% automatic!
  • Your finger or even a SPECTATOR'S finger seems completely absorbed! It's crazy, but TRUE! You've got to try it!
  • The signed coin is really found inside the case, no doubt about it.
  • Before and after the experiment, the case is shown on all sides. There is NO visible hole!
  • The feeling of passing matter through matter is UNIQUE to this effect!
  • You will fool yourself, so deceptive is the illusion!
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We are really happy to present to you this NEW TRICK of Mickael CHATELAIN! For the first time, No playing card needed! An exclusive and very visual effect, so easy to perform! Based on a well known handling, this effect will fool your spectators!
PEN OR PENCIL - Mickael Chatelain 4257
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