When "Printing" became one of the biggest magic best-sellers of all time, it was because it revolutionized the approach of small package tricks. When you perform this trick, you will want to perform a big illusion show... in close up conditions.

You display the four blue backed Tens (Clubs, Hearts, Spades and Diamonds) and four blue backed blank cards. You touch a blank card to one of the 10s and it prints on the blank card a 10 identical to the model! From that moment, a succession of effects will be coming: one card will take the color of your close up mat, another one will lose its blue back, a third one will have a 10 printed on both sides, etc. You are going to magically print all the cards in a totally surrealistic way!

- Very easy to perform

- Special cards printed by USPC in Bicycle Rider back
- Everything is handed out for examination at the end
- Effect on the audience guaranteed
- An amazing trick with twists and spectacular visual effects
- Two versions explained in detail (very easy or advanced)

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Dominique Duvivier's new sensation! This is the routine, that fooled Penn & Teller and it will be a highligt in your show - close-up or stand-up. A revolutionary concept with so many possibilities.
CARDS IN BAG - Dominique Duvivier 5163
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What is the impact of these routines on a real audience? See for yourself: everything has been shot in front of a real audience. And the reactions leave no doubt: it's a bombshell! Only cards? Yes, but so spectacular.
THE ATTIC IS IN MY CHEST - Dominique Duvivier 3431
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Bicycle Rider Back Poker Size Playing Cards from US Playing Card Company as you know and love them. But these comes in the good old iconic classic box. Run in the "checklane" at the factory and best quality.
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A soft and durable, double layered close-up mat from italy. It does not slip. Does not tear. Lasts a lifetime. Available in four colours: black, green, red and blue. Size: 58 x 40 cm.
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This soft and durable, double layered close-up mat measures 40 x 27,5 cm. It does not slip and does not tear. Lasts a lifetime. Available in four colours: black, red, blue and green.
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