"The Level Of Magic Produced By Someone So Young Is Mindblowing And Inspirational" 

Tom Elderfield & Ollie G Smith are some of the premier magic creators on the planet. Consultants for the biggest TV magicians.

Ripcord ushers in a new era of visual magic with borrowed items, taking the pen through bill into the 21st Century. 

Ripcord allows you to perform multiple effects with headphones... something people carry on them every day.

Three powerful effects included:

  • BORROWED Headphones Through Bill
  • Bitten & Restored Microphone Bar
  • Card To Headphones
  • + The Outrageous Bonus Effect - Travelling Microphone Bar

This expertly-fashioned gimmick can be carried on you at all times. Allowing you to perform organic miracles with totally borrowed items.

Over a year in the manufacturing process.

Note: Watch the video above to see the full beauty of this effect 

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