With this kit you can use your ProKNOWS® without glue or sticky tape.

Starting on the inside of the nose, thread each piece of monofilament through one of the two tiny holes in each side (if there are no holes, just use a needle). The attached red piece will work as a knot. The monofilament is meant to go across your face so it won't be seen, and then attach to the elastic around the back.

Tie a knot in each end of the elastic, make a slip knot in the end of the monofilament and slip it over each end of the elastic, using the knot to hold it in place. Adjust the lengt of the monofilament and elastic for custom fit, and you are set to... clown :o)

Have fun!

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We now got a very good selection of professionel clown noses - imported from ProKnows® in America. We got big and small, shiny or matte. If you know which nose you want, just make a comment about it when ordering.
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Roll with 25 meters of double-sided adhesive film with great holding power. It is water resistant, ideal for sensitive skin and is not affected by freezing. 1,25 cm. wide and just perfect for holding on your ProKNOWS® or Santa Beard.
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We offer these professional clown shoes in many different variations. The shoes are meticulously and solidly manufactured in genuine leather and with a sole made by rubber.
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