Gaetan Bloom's world opens just for us!
4 hours of magic, about twenty tricks, jewels, nuggets...
Magic to add very quickly to your repertoire.
So punchy, so smart, so simple : Bloom's Brain!

3 programs from 1996 finally remastered in 2 two-disc DVD box set:

Indirect Threads:

The Alarm-Clock
The Bottle
Buttons thru the Table
The 5 Objects
The Standing Card

Bonus Tricks (Animated Sponge Balls, The Little Doll Suspension, Interview)

Thumb-Tip :

Changing Colour Silk Routine
Silk To Egg Routine
The Buttons
The Ears
Silk In Bread

The Flying Ring
Bonus Feature (Some Little Tips)

General Magic :

The Die
The Bottle
The Freer Deck
The Lasso Rope Trick
Bicycle Pumps

New Bonus Feature for the DVD Release :

New Trick : Angling
New Interview by Alexandra a nd Dominique Duvivier

Not to be missed!

Running Time: Approximately 3 hr 55 min

"The two DVDs contain over four hours of material. All of it is fresh, creative and well-thought-out. In fact, I'll be very surprised if you're not fooled by almost every routine...I can't wait to see what's next for this master of our art." - Bryce Kuhlman

"...There is a mind-boggling array of clever material here which is practical and, if added to one's act, is unlikely to look like what anyone else is doing. Bravo! " - Matthew Field

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