"This work exceeds any expectations. Armando is synonymous of work, perseverance, and good taste. But all above all, passion! This work is a true gift for magic." - Dani DaOrtiz 

"Armando Lucero is putting something out. That sentence is reason enough to get this. I met Armando years ago and with some coins, a deck of cards, and a close-up mat at a breakfast table- he changed the way I look at magic. Every breath, every sound, every micro movement that he does is so tediously thought out and deliberate. His hands and mind were built for miracles." - Dan White 

"Armando Lucero, in addition to personally being my favorite magician, is beyond question the foremost sleight of hand performer and magical thinker in our profession. In 80 years, he is the only magician I have ever seen whose effects look like real magic." - Johnny Thompson 

"A true master, my first teacher, and now you have the opportunity to let him guide you, too... don't miss out on that opportunity." - Paul Vigil 

For the first time in his career of over 35 years, Armando Lucero has decided to release the first level of his highly guarded workshop to the public. With a focus on psychology and magical theory, Armando shares his private thoughts and concepts as they apply to sleight of hand and magic with playing cards. 

The concepts, however, can be applied to any kind of magic. Paper Cuts is the culmination of what Armando offers to Level 1 students and beyond of the art. Paper Cuts is a series of different routines that Armando has specifically constructed to teach lessons about the inner thinking behind magic and composing magical performance pieces. 

Divided into 12 different routines, including a few variations and extra concepts, Armando shares not only performance pieces that are ready for a professional show, but also thoughts and ideas on how to improve all of your magic. 

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Vol. 1

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