After years of preparation, master manipulator Bond Lee from Hong Kong is ready to present his second billiard ball project to you: REBORN. In this 2-DVD set, you will learn many cutting-edge yet mesmerizing sleights, routines and ball gimmicks. These will boost your manipulation routine to a new level. 

Bond Lee is collaborating with Ian Tsang and Bojan Barisic once again. Their contributions are extremely valuable to this spectacular project. Witness and learn some incredible ball moves and ideas! 

REBORN is made for those seeking the most advanced resource on ball manipulation. If you have not looked at the prequel, "Born", we strongly recommend you do so. 


  • Effective and powerful routines
  • New applications for single, double and triple ball/shell stacks
  • Flash Four production with palm towards audience by sleight of hand
  • Visual color changes
  • Extensive applications for the Flash Four ball gimmick
  • Tips on ball holder and ball servant
  • Sleeving techniques and applications

Fellas, Get REBORN and dive in!

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Are you looking for a new visual effect for your manipulation act? Then you will LOVE playing around with this new prop from South Korea, where a magic wand instantly changes size and shape to a white ball...!
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Something beautiful (and romantic!) to behold. Here's a clean method to produce a rose -- from a popping balloon, flash string, etc. You can also perform The Rose without a jacket. There's no magnet, no spring, no holder.
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These balls are made of high-quality silicone providing an amazing grip and great bouncing ability. Made in Taiwan then shipped to Hong Kong, each of them is then hand-polished to perfect the unique texture.
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After years of research and experimentation, Magicalism finally came up with this perfect appearing cane - the Ultra Cane. Effect: Appearing a walk cane from your fingertip, change a silk/rope/balloon/rose into a full-size cane.
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If you are working seriously with The Multiplying Balls, you need to check out the possibilities and advantes you can get with Panky Zhu's X-BALL gimmick. Choose between red or white. Comes along with instructional video.
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We get these beautiful, high quality silks from Vincenzo di Fatta in Italy. This size is the same as what they in US call 18". You got 10 bright colours to choose from.
SILKS 45 X 45 cm. 112
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These cars are the answer to every manipulator's dream. Norm Nielsen's thin manipulation cars has been the standard for manipulators for years. Bridge size only.
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