Cigar boxes for juggling. Light weight model from Germany which really appears to be real cigar boxes. The weight is just 165 gram per piece. 

Seems like magnets are built into the boxes but actually there are none. Watch the video clip below for inspiration.

The price is per cigar box. Order 3 or more depending on your personal routine and practice.

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Very resistant and virtually unbreakable juggling cups. Available in orange or white. Click and watch the video showing Niels Duinker juggling with 12 cups.
JUGGLING CUPS - each cup with two weights JO1770
DKK 125,00
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In stock
A cup is placed on the triangle and filled with water… it is then whirled around and around in a vertical circle! You then change direction and whirl it around your head. The water stays in the cup!
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