Huge white hoola hoop ring with a diameter of 92 cm. and a weight of 370 gram. This is the ideal size for adults and serious hoola hoop experts.

A professional edition of children’s toys produced by mr. Babache in Switzerland. The ring can be used for training as well as performance.

If you like to you can decorate the ring nicely with tape.
If you plan to travel with the ring you can easily separate it into smaller parts, and thus reduce its size.

In the video clip below you can see how brilliant you can become if you put in the effort and training with the rings. The video is with young Husik Hoops who we had on visit in Denmark in 2014 to give a performance at our Magic Junior Weekend.

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25 meter roll with strong coloured 15 mm. wide tape to decorate your hoola hoop rings - or other things. Available in the colours you see. Just mention which one (or more) you want, in the box below your address.
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White hola hoop ring with a diameter of just 57 cm. and a weight of 231 gram. The ideal size for throwing or rotating around arms or legs.
HULA HOOP RING 57 cm. J01850
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White hula hoop ring with a size of 70 cm. in diameter and a weight of 282 gram. Professional edition produced in Switzerland. It is the ideal size for kids and youngsters. The ring can be reduced in size for transportation.
HULA HOOP RING 70 cm. J01851
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