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A beautiful and impressive mini-illusion that will provide something for your show that does not look like anything the audience has ever scene

On a stand is a solid wooden frame with glass inserted. You lift the frame out of the stand and let the audience knock on the glass prove that it's real. You now place a small door both in front of and behind the glass. You rub your hands against each other, and afterward, stick your whole hand all the way through the glass! If you want, you can still - with your arm through the glass - lift the glass plate out of the stand and walk around the audience with it. The moment you take your hand out, the two doors can be removed. The glass is whole and the audience can even check it closely.

Arm through the glass plate is manufactured in Europe and intended for professional use. The stable stand can easily be separated and packed into the supplied transport box. A prop you will be proud to own and show!

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