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The professional French mentalist, David Kleiner, decided to create his own PK Touch chair, after trying all existing model on the market. Since then, he has presented this number hundreds of times and in some sketchy stage conditions sometimes. The contact system he has designed is truly reliable and will answer all demands of stage performers who can’t afford working with low quality artifacts.

Two audience members  are offered an experience on stage. Both are sat on a chair, a few feet apart, on each side of the stage. They are blindfolded. You ask them to raise their hand every time they feel poked.

You poke the first person, whose arm will raise, then you poke the second spectator whose arm will raise as well.

Now, it’s time for you to try a unique psychic experience, telepathy via touching.

When you touch the first assistant, the second one will raise their arm at the exact same moment!

Both assistants will feel poked when you actually only touched one. Strange. 

There are many other uses for this device, such as asking an audience member for a number then pass it on to the a second audience member blindfolded and standing  several feet away on the stage, only by telepathy.

Contact is the result of a 5 year research. It comes to you in a complete pack that contains:
- 2 chairs including a rigged one
- One rigged feather
- 2 blindfolds for the assistants
- One board
- One transport bag
- A link to a tutorial video

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