Extremely visual and modern, LightPaintwill leave your audience with a memorable souvenir. An original idea by Mathieu Bich. You will be able to reveal the selected card with a borrowed cellphone... 

You show a semi-transparent card, which will be your prediction. People can take a look at it, nothing in particular about it. Borrow the spectator's cellphone and take a picture of the spectator holding the card, which will be a special souvenir at end of the routine... 
The spectator then selects a card in a regular deck. Ask him to take a look at the picture you previously took... The selected card appears in a flash! Really strong and magical! 

LightPaint is perfect for everyone! Whether you are a beginner or a worker, doing magic for your family, friends or in professional conditions, cocktail, birthday party, bar, restaurant etc. The semi-transparent card does all the work for you! Instant reset, you will always be ready to do it again with a different card. LightPaintis insanely visual and modern, the perfect addition to 2.0 magician's working set. 

Use a borrowed cellphone from your audience. This will have two benefits: the effect is much more magical since the object is borrowed, and you will also leave your spectator with a memorable souvenir: the magical picture in THEIR cellphone. They will remember you, the picture will stay in their gallery and they can immediately share it on their favorite social network... 

Fully concentrate on the presentation - the special card does all the work for you! No application is needed, it works with any smartphone, and doesn't require any Internet connection. 

  • Really easy to do -- perfect for beginners, amateurs, or professionals
  • Works on all smartphones with a flash
  • No app needed
  • Borrow the smartphone
  • Very visual, modern, dynamic, and powerful
  • Leave an unforgettable souvenir for your audience
  • The picture can immediately be shared on social networks
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