The second part of David Regal's Constant Fooling, contains an assortment of unique card magic utilizing prepared or altered cards, mental mysteries, a chapter dedicated to exceptional card effects which utilize a technological breakthrough, bills and currency, gaffed decks and a standout card routine which tells a story. Continue fooling your audiences with the following: 

A spectator freely deals down to a "Lucky Card" . . . that happens to match the card in the magician's wallet. 

The deck is tossed onto a small but lethal mousetrap which snaps shut-trapping the selection as cards scatter. 

A late psychic's scrap of paper predicts the actions of a spectator. 

A freely-selected card rises from a deck, using a gimmick you can make in one minute. 

Spectators randomly deal the deck into piles, perfectly separating the four suits in the process. Fifty-one cards are eliminated in the fairest possible manner from an examined deck, leaving a single card that matches a prediction. Mr. Regal's favorite platform item. 

A signed playing card changes places with a pocketed Joker-with clean hands and no palming. 

A signed card rises to the top of a deck that is tied with string. The deck can then be used for further miracles. 

A borrowed bill cleanly changes into a hundred dollar bill, via a new method that doesn't utilize a thumb tip. 

A story of life "after hours" is told with a deck of cards. A showpiece guaranteed to garner applause. 

Pages 239 - Hard Bound and a Full Color dustjacket. 

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