It’s hard to find magic that appeals to everyone universally. Kids don’t understand mind-reading. Adults don’t color with crayons, and not everyone speaks the same language.

The tricks you’ll learn in this magic kit are different.

They tap into something in our brains that’s older. More primitive. They’re deeply impossible.

And they excite people. Lots of them. People of ALL ages, from 2 to 102. And people of all cultures, from California to Katmandu.

Dirk Losander is a living legend of magic. He’s also one of the most sought-after performers in the world. The miracles he performs in his stage show are so visually stunning, that he often simply performs to a music soundtrack. He’s been traveling the world and performing for international audiences for decades.

With this kit you will learn how to create an entire show of magic with nothing but a few simple items.

The magic in this kit is truly As Real As It Gets.

Bill Levitation
Bill Switch
Animated Business Card
Static Energy
The Money Changer
The Japanese Wonder Silk
The Salt Game

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This is the original Floating Table from Dirk Losander. A solid Table, which is used during the show to hold your props, begins to rise, starts floating and even a volunteer can examine the Table.
FLOATING TABLE - Dirk Losander 2442
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Finally back in our selection! Losander's original Thumb Tie Illusion using electrical tape is strong, entertaining and visual magic when is best. A chain penetrates your fingers although tied securely together.
CHAIN BREAKER - Dirk Losander 2216
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In stock
Losander is recognized throughout the world as one of the true Master's at the art of levitation. Losander's Bubble Zombie may be one of the most beautiful and stunning levitation effects you will ever see.
BUBBLE ZOMBIE - Losander 3293
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In the Beginning There Were Coins contains THE moves and sleights you NEED to know, taught in the most clear, direct, and simple way possible. A perfect DVD for anyone who wants to master coin magic.
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Learning card magic is like building a house. Everything starts with a strong foundation of basic building blocks. World renowned magic instructor, Oz Pearlman will start you at the beginning of card magic and take you to a professional's level.
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Sponge balls are simple. All we're talking about is a four-pack of 2 inch balls made of sponge. But there's a reason top professionals use sponge balls when they're getting paid to perform. The entertainment potential is HUGE
SPONGE - Jay Noblezada 4107
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