Your spectator is asked to hide a small object in either hand. Imagine being able to tell them, with 100% certainty, which hand is hiding that object. If using a coin, you will even be able to tell them which side is facing up when they open their hand!

Flux is a powerful, professional mentalism tool that lets you harness this ability.

Flux is new, but the techniques it uses have been tried before and we already got af few other variations in our selection (Guess Chess and Hugo Shelley's Sixth Sense), but Flux is different. It is incredibly accurate, and more precise than anything else on the market. And the price is very fair compared to what you get and how much you will benefit from having this amazing invisible tool in your magic arsenal.

Flux offers you patent-pending technology invented by Craig Filicetti from ProMystic. It combines the most practical magnet-detection technology to date with an ergonomic, life-like finger shell – a pairing that brings you unrivaled function and versatility. You can perform it completely surrounded with no sleeves and no jewelry. The tool is nearly invisible, and it's build to last. .

FLUX offers several response modes, including haptic feedback and LED indication. With over fifty hours of performable battery life, it can go with you anywhere, anytime. Always ready for an on-the-spot performance, no receiver necessary.

Please notice:
Stand-alone functionality
Mode selection (3 modes)
Ultra-fast scan times
Heads/tails detection
Sleeveless presentation
Extensive battery life
Replaceable batteries
Auto-calibration software
Maximum reliability

And... FLUX is backed with a 2-Year Warranty.

Please notice: You receive a magnet which you can roll into a paperbill or hide in another object. You can use almost any magnetic coin which you should have and if you do not have one, you will find the World's best magnetic coin here.

“The most perfect solution for finding a hidden object to date.” - C. McLeod

“It takes a lot of testing and trust for me to change my tool-of-choice for clandestine magnet detection, as I rely upon it for an essential building block of my act. Too many recently released devices have been finicky and failed to pass the test. Flux is stealthy, easy to use, and most importantly – reliable. Forgive the cliché, but it’s a game-changer!” - Eric Samuels

"My highest recommendation for Craig and his craftsmanship. His creations work every time, every where and as promised. When these kind of miracles become so reliable and worry-free, what more could someone ask for?" - Michael Weber

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