Over the years we have offered both "Perfect Time" from Collector's Workshop and "Watch & Wear" from Bazar de Magia. We have had a close look at "The Turner Watch" and you might remember we briefly had "Infinity Watch 2.0" in stock (but decided to stop selling this item, as it was not completely reliable). 

Now João Miranda and his team have created the holy grail and absolutely best solution for the Time Prediction we have seen yet. With "The Watch" there are no assistants or stooges needed, and with a diabolical method that allows the performer to invisibly input any hour and minute, in less than 3 seconds and with absolute accuracy. And the watch works for real, it looks nice and there are no reason why you should not wear it as your new everyday watch.

By the simple action of going to the pocket to grab any object, the time input is accomplished. 

Miranda's "The Watch" offers the following features:
- 10 button key pad that the performer presses without even looking
- Remote feedback vibration
- The watch works as an everyday watch
- 15 second delay mode included that allows for a magical reveal
- Magnetic watch activation
- The remote has integrated battery level indication
- The watch battery lasts for over 1000 performances with one single charge
- The watch uses Swedish hybrid motors, which are the world's best
- Rechargeable batteries for both the remote and the watch 

Besides all the above features, 4 original effects are fully explained: ACAAN, Time Lapse, Premonition, Objects Routine. 

The Watch is a patent pending product (in both design and utility) in over 75 countries. TV rights are included with the purchase (BUT the buyer must give previous knowledge written by e-mail to João Miranda Magic, at least 5 days before the TV recording).

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There are not so many great comedy props like this, which you can instantly and easy build into your repertoire. In short: the spectator cannot remove the deck from the box, but you can! Superhit at Blackpool 2019.
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