This might be the World’s Smallest Smoke Device – and it even works with a remote control!

Nothing 2.0, a smoke device so small that you can use it anywhere.  The quality, the design and the quantity of smoke has been improved.  It comes in a nice box with accessories included for you to use it right away!

- Easy to use
- Endless possibility
- Extremely Dense Smoke

Experience yourselves! Carefully produced by Wenzi Magic & Bond Lee.

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Now you can do Finn-Jon-style magic with bubbles and smoke, without having to smoke a cigarette. Clever electronic bubble tube that can either make clear bubbles or bubbles filled with smoke. Come with usb-charger.
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"Smoke from Glass" has always been a visuel and popular magic effect. Now you can produce a dense smoke from an empty wineglass, easier than ever. Practical and self-contained.
SMOKE CLOUD - ZF Magic & Bond Lee 4749
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A match is ignited and pressed to a small black dot drawn on the palm of your hand. With your other hand, you slowly trace the path of ignition up your arm and finally when you open your mouth - a cloud of smoke emerges!
SMOKE 2.0 - Alan Rorrison 2853
DKK 650,00
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Another very exciting prop from Ukrainian Victor Voitko. For the first has a little compact yet powerful smoke machine been combined with strong light - and it gives an incredible effect.
SMOKE LIGHT DELUXE - Victor Voitko 4201
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