The Hydrostatic Glass trick is a classic in magic and has been performed by some of the greatest magicians in history!

If you don't already know the routine, it goes something like this: The magician has a glass of liquid, covers it over with a beer mat, a fan of cards or a piece of paper. He turns it upside down, then removes the paper and the liquid stays in the glass! The magician then snaps his fingers and at his command the liquid falls out!

This great effect has always been made from a cheap looking plastic glass, the kind you see at children's parties! Well now – thanks to PropDog from UK – we can now offer gimmicked glasses in a modern, up to date design, just like any glass you would find at any event or bar.  It's made from an almost indestructible polycarbonate.

As another nice touch the other part of the gimmick is laser cut from two pieces of 1mm thin acrylic and bonded together, not like the cheaper injection moulded parts.  This means that there's not plastic flashing or bits on the edge left over from the injection moulding process. The gimmick fits 100% perfectly, so no risk of it not working properly as with previous versions or fiddling around to try and get the gimmick to engage.

Please notice that you can not use fizzy drinks with the hydrostatic products – only use still, non-sparkling liquids.

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