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The magician shows the building block puzzle and completes it piece by piece. But when the puzzle is completed, another piece of the block appears. And when the puzzle is completed again and the block appeared again, of course, magic. The puzzle is pieced together again! But what is incredible is not that the magician has a way to put the extra blocks into the original puzzle, but that this complete puzzle, which has been added with two blocks, can actually be put into the original box, which is not scientific!

With this new verseion, you will no longer need to cover up and exhaust all kinds of methods to make the building blocks disappear. You can even show the box to the audience for inspection - it can't be enlarged or reduced!

- No magnets
- No need for palm blocks
- All done in front of the audience
- Easy to do
- The building blocks can be inspected by the audience
- The box can be checked by the audience
- Quick reset
- 360 degree onlookers

You will receive a complete set of acrylic building blocks + collection boxes + complete and detailed online teaching. After receiving them, you can start performing soon after practicing. Go and surprise your audience!

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