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“Arm Slinky”, “Toroflux”, “Toro Fluxus”, “Geoflux”, “Flow Ring” – this fascinating toy was invented in mid-90s by the German artist Jochen Valett. It is an 8 meter long steel ribbon that is woven into a spring. 

Mozi is like a slinky for your arm. It spins continuously and effortlessly as it moves up and down – from one arm to another, or as you pass it to a friend. When you pass the core through your hands, the "torus" flows downwards gripping onto the core and shimmering like a silver bubble. It is quite hard to describe, but it always gets 'ooohs' and 'aaahs' when you demonstrate it. Have a look at the video and you will understand…  

This mesmerizing illusion ring works a bit like a contact ball for cutting edge fusion performances as well as being loads of fun just on its own. Let it roll from limb to limb or pass to your friends.

Watching The Mozi glide is just as mesmerizing and addicting as it is to use. Get your groove on and feel the movement!

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