20 sheets of flash paper size 65 x 55 mm. with sparkling effect.

Only to be sold for customers over 18 years!

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20 sheets of flash paper size 65 x 55 mm. Great quality. Fine and practical size for many purposes.
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4 pcs. of the best flash paper you will find. Vanishes fast and completely with a big flame. We stock the paper in white, black and red. You got to be at least 18 years old in order to buy this product.
FLASH PAPER - 4 pcs. - packed wet 216
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Flash Ninja is an undetectable dispenser that delivers flash paper in a seamless and instant manner, just when you need it. Hidden discretely under your clothes, this utility is a must in ANY magician's arsenal of tools.
FLASH NINJA - Terry Cheung 5028
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Finger-Tip Flash Pot is an incredible and clever device that will allow the performer to shoot a ball of fire 10 feet into the air while producing a loud bang, all at your fingertips.
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