Imagine... In full view, the drawing of a black rose transforms - its petals slowly bursting into glorious color. The art, thus changed, is handed out as a memorable magical gift.
This is visual magic at it's best, it happens slowly, while the pad is held in one hand, away from the body, with absolutely no visible movements.
The effect is suitable for audiences from fifty to five hundred and leaves the audience with the impression that you're a great artist but in fact, no artistic skill is required.
Rosepad is made from the ground up using only the finest materials. It feels solid in your hand and is built for the pros who need props to be tough and reliable.
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"My RosePad was received today. I love it. I can't wait to work through my routine, it's a well thought out, beautifully constructed piece (would it be anything less from Martin Lewis). Thank you and Martin for offering this piece to the community." -Solarzar

"The Rose Pad effect is very rapidly becoming one of the strongest moments in our show! When I work with live music, particularly if it is my wife and/or daughter on the harp, it just doesn't get more powerful than the moment that this effect creates." -James Songster

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A very fine and modern version of the classic Blooming Bouquet. The magician holds a bouquet with flowers, but then, magically, numerous of red roses begin to emerge until the bouquet is filled with beautiful roses.
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