Takamiz Usui who was a pioneer of the popular trend of Cube Magic and you might have seen this very clever thing in the hands of magicians on TV.

It is a quick and visual solving of a mixed-up cube. You are taught two methods to gaff a standard cube.

For the simple method, you will need to get some stickers from a separate cube to make your performance cube. The second method of making the gaff involves making a removable piece that allows the cube to be examined at the end.

You get the package complete with a good cube, the gimmick and online explanation performed and explained in Japanese with English subtitles.

"Usui Takamiz inspired and changed the world of Cube Magic completely!" - Henry Harrius

"Coins, Cards, and now Cubes. The world of magic has expanded due to the ingenious methods and concepts of Takamitsu Usui." - Garret Thomas

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