The best new funny wand from American Silly Billy is here! It is a six foot long inflatable magic wand that packs so small it fits in your pocket! Yet it easily inflates by mouth to 180 cm. tall. It is twice as tall as your child assistant. Hilarious!

Herere are some of the things you can do with it: 

  • Do a routine where you need bigger and bigger wands to make the magic work. The Six Foot Airship Wand is your final wand in the sequence. (Your 6 Foot Airship Wand comes with two smaller wands so you can do this routine). 
  • Or you can use this Airship Wand at the end of a sequence of assorted funny wands that you hand to your child helper. 
  • This wand is so big a child can't control it. So when you have the child wave it the wand hits you in a funny slapstick way. 
  • The kids think this is hilarious and the parents can’t stop taking pictures. 
  • Display this wand in your Magic Room.

  • Or stand next to it in your promo photos.

It takes less han one minute to blow up by mouth or pump. Have a look at the youtube link where David Kaye aka Silly Billy demonstrates the giant wand.

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