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Our polish soap bubble has developed a gigantic model, that makes a sope bubble so big that you (in the blink of an eye) can stand inside it! Talk about a "kodak-moment"...

Perfect for entertaining or as a fun activity at the summer party, festival, institution, city center or open-by-night event. 

All you have to do is to assemble the big sope bubble iron and pour Tuban soap bubble liquid inside the round ring. You then put the soap bubble iron into the ring and let a person go inside. When the iron is then lifted in a steady manner the soap bubble automatically appear. 

The ring measures 98 cm. in diameter, and you need about 1 liter of liquid to fill it. It is recommended to change the liquid once in a while. The equipment is delivered in a flat box. 

Soap bubble liquid isn't included - but can order from down below. Both as concentrate and pre-mixed. 

DKK 750,00 / STK incl. VAT
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Delivery via Postal Service ( DKK   69,00 incl. VAT)

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