Performers have long searched for the perfect Spirit Bell. There are some in the market, but many are useless, not practical, or the method is not clean enough. The "Cesaral Spirit Bell" is the result of many years of research in this field.

The Spirit Bell by César Alonso can be used for every type of performance seances, mentalism, bizarre magic, and even comedy magic. You can use it in Question & Answer routines, as a Lie Detector, and as a communicator with lost loved ones. The possibilities are endless!

 Important points:

• New self working method to make the Bell ring at the exact moment needed.

• The audience member holds the bell. The performer is far away.

• Clear, real…, good and loud bell ring.

• Can be done anywhere, and surrounded.

• You can make yourself the bell to look old if you want, or you can also order the vintage version.

• Real time electronically controlled from more than 15 meters away. Remote control is included.

• No need for assistants as this is a one-man effect!

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