Over the years, we have sold many different variants of the light bulb that shines in your hand. From the very cheap to the most advanced (at some point we had a version that required a car battery in your back pocket). Fortunately, the technology has developed with us and French Marc Antoine has over the years refined the concept to something close to sublime. We are pleased to have received the exclusive rights in Scandinavia to his upgraded DARK LIGHT IV.

Compared to what you have previously seen, this version excels in many areas:

- The bulb is really bright - even in daylight you can clearly see it light up.
- It looks like a regular bulb - but is solid and almost impossible to break - and inside hides the latest technology.
- It is controlled by a high-tech remote control with a motion sensor, so you can turn it on or off just by lifting the arm up or down.
- There is a built-in possibility delay function so that the bulb lights up after you've moved your arm.
- Has very long range - from the very back of the hall or through the wall!
- During your performance, you can choose whether the bulb should flash or light up entirely. 

A great effect for theater, for mentalism, for paranormal experiments, hidden camera, short tricks, for shows on energy consumption, for... You're probably already sitting with an idea of how it can fit into your show. Here are just a few examples:

You can have the bulb inside a real lamp, unplug the plug and it will still light!

Or unplug the plug to turn it off, but when a spectator touches it, it will light up again. 

You can put the bulb in a spectator's hand, and when he approaches the selected card or a selected object, the bulb suddenly begins to light or flash!

Or how about using it as a magic lie detector where the bulb blinks every time a lie is said ...

Use it to demonstrate the energy in group experiment or make an awesome hidden camera prank, explaining the new type of bulbs that only works when it's not screwed in.

You receive a package of professional equipment that includes everything you need - complete with detailed instructions on how to use it.

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