"Wraith", which GEIST now replaces, was considered by many pros to be the most innovative method of PK-Touch in the world. The new Geist is now twice as strong as Wraith was, making it easier to position and to use. The sheer variety of PK effects attainable with this electronic device is astonishing, and Geist comes ready to perform the most amazing PK-Touch effects anywhere, right out of the box, with no time delay or misdirection needed. An impossible moment of pure magic.


  • Adjustable power motor
  • Transmission trigger range of over 50 meters.
  • Mounts under an ordinay chair in less than 30 seconds.
  • Use almost any kind of chair (folding chairs are perfect and you don’t have to carry one with you!)
  • Carry in your pocket for close-up or walk-around
  • No jacket required on chair
  • Trigger up to four units with one transmitter in succession or,
  • Trigger an unlimited number of units simultaneously
  • Stand-by battery time of over 8 hours
  • Dimensions: 8 x 5 x 2 cm.
  • Side port which optional Power-Modules and be plugged into
  • Optional Toe-Switch control and add-on power-modules available from Pegani

Basic Applications:

  • Real Time PK-Touch Routines:
    – Openly touch one participant and another stands up
    – Touch your own shoulder and both participants stand up (REQUIRES 2 UNITS - see below for the "Double Geist")
  • Remotely ring a hotel bell that can be immediately examined
  • Remotely snuff out a candle

Including two very special original routines from Christopher Taylor:

1) “Psychic Hide and Seek”
Suitable for stage, parlour or close-up (even walk-around) and uses no chairs: Two standing participants agree to play a game of Hide and Seek in which one hides in an imaginary hotel room with a number on the door known only to him or her. The performer guides the other participant (the “Seeker”) into the mind of the “Hider” counting off the room numbers. At the very moment the secret room the performer names the secret number, the “Seeker” calls out “Found You!” (requires optional toe-switch transmitter)

2) “Qi Touch”.
As shown in the video clip above, Qi Touch is an application of Wraith that can vastly increase the impact of your favorite metal bending techniques. Two versions are taught: with, and without, pre-performance set up.

This is the "Single Geist". If you want to "touch" two people at the same time, you will need the "Double Geist" which we also stock. The price for this is DKK 3.950,- including Danish VAT.

DKK 2.800,00 / UNIT incl. VAT 
In stock

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