Color Changing Drink has been a popular magic plot for decades; mostly involves changing the content or the packaging with a cover. In 2015, Julio Montoro from Spain, released the effect "Pop Change" - a revolutionary way to perform the classic plot in the most visual fashion. Imagine holding a can between your bare hands, sleeves up, with a simple gesture and it visually changes to another beverage.

The guys from Sansmind has taken the concept through countless real world performances, it has evolved into something that does much more incredible things. If you like magic with everyday objects, you've gotta check this out! 

The best part is, you can immediately hand out the drink to the spectators. They can even drink it too!

Once you learn the concept of Vending Machine, you can use it with multiple applications such as dual change, liquid drink to solid item, split drinks, and much more. Check out the trailer now and be amazed! 

What you receive: 

- 1 gimmick package (both Coke and energy drink designs are included) 
- 1 instructional DVD 

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The spectator holds a napkin with a pen VISIBLY dangling beneath. You clap your hands together and...instantly...the pen disappears. This is a practical, astounding illusion with the simplest of objects.
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Michael Lam, an Asia star of magic, frequents on Major CCTV channels among Asia regions. For the very first time in ten years, he is revealing the full work of his Rubik's Nightmare routine. Full TV routine included.
RUBIK'S NIGHTMARE - Michael Lam 3567
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Back in stock! If you're looking for an amazingly visual close-up miracle, then look no further. SKYCAP 2.0 has been re-designed and can be examined before and after the effect. Push a borrowed bill or straw through a solid bottle.
SKYCAP 2.0 - Uday Jadugar & Luke Dancy 3588
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