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Back in 2020 Bond Lee introduced his SNOWFLAKE TEAPOT as a very fine and professional alternative to other methods. Now his friend Leon Luk and the producer N2G have made this vase, it is a less expensive and a more simple variation of the teapot.

The Snowflake Vase is a powerful device designed to blow the snowflakes up to 1.5 —2 meters high. It will do the work for you even when inserted the rose. So you can do your rose routine with an extremely beautiful ending.

The Snowflake Vase looks smooth, natural and real. It is an elegant looking prop, and its clever electric inner workings make sure the snowflakes will be blowed up beautifully.

Different from other snowflake blowing devices on the market, the Snowflake Vase is much easier to carry and can blow the snowflakes without any extra mores. Tt can be used in various stage routines and can be a great tool in your own magic creations.

But please notice that it is NOT for close-up and you need a solid music background to cover the sound from the blower.

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