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A great device for mentalists and stage artists!  The Youtube video above should give you a few examples of what you can potentially unleash.  This electronic version of the candle provides instant flame at any time you want.

  • Practical and easy to use
  • The ignition mechanism is rechargeable and built to last
  • No assistant needed
  • Authentic appearance
  • The base of the candle is optional
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Have you also been running around searching for lighter fluid in tobacco kiosks? There are not many places that sell it anymore, so to fulfill your needs we have now taken it into the assortment.
DKK 29,00
/ UNIT incl. VAT
In stock
These balls are made of high-quality silicone providing an amazing grip and great bouncing ability. Made in Taiwan then shipped to Hong Kong, each of them is then hand-polished to perfect the unique texture.
DKK 850,00
/ UNIT incl. VAT
In stock
After years of research and experimentation, Magicalism finally came up with this perfect appearing cane - the Ultra Cane. Effect: Appearing a walk cane from your fingertip, change a silk/rope/balloon/rose into a full-size cane.
ULTRA CANE - Bond Lee 4400
DKK 395,00
/ UNIT incl. VAT
In stock
Something beautiful (and romantic!) to behold. Here's a clean method to produce a rose -- from a popping balloon, flash string, etc. You can also perform The Rose without a jacket. There's no magnet, no spring, no holder.
THE ROSE - Bond Lee 4620
DKK 450,00
/ UNIT incl. VAT
In stock
4 pcs. of the best flash paper you will find. Vanishes fast and completely with a big flame. We stock the paper in white, black and red. You got to be at least 18 years old in order to buy this product.
FLASH PAPER - 4 pcs. - packed wet 216
From DKK 67,50
/ UNIT incl. VAT
In stock
Our Flash String is perfect for vanishing, producing or transforming objects with a flash! You receive 10 meters of the best quality we have found. Choose between white, red and black flash string.
WHITE FLASH STRING - 10 meter 217
From DKK 121,50
/ UNIT incl. VAT
In stock
First the lit white candle disappears - then it appears again. Vanishing and appearing candle in smart combination with the clever chrome candle holder.
DKK 695,00
/ UNIT incl. VAT
In stock
This Match Light from Tim Star works every time, that's why the professional magicians use it. This is the best Match Light on the market!
MATCH LIGHT - Tim Star 242
DKK 125,00
/ UNIT incl. VAT
In stock
A very fine and modern version of the classic Blooming Bouquet. The magician holds a bouquet with flowers, but then, magically, numerous of red roses begin to emerge until the bouquet is filled with beautiful roses.
THE BOUQUET - Bond Lee 5180
DKK 1.250,00
/ UNIT incl. VAT
In stock