It took Wil Golden 7 years to develop this idea and finally it is back!

NO hook!
NO weight!
NO ringing bottle!
NO searching for a catch!
NO chugging liquid!
You can even do it Blindfolded!

This is a classic effect performed by Lance Burton and other great magicians.

The magician displays a bottle and a glass. He begins to pour liquid into the glass and as it pours he simply lets go of the glass and it stays there floating in mid-air as the liquid continues to pour.

The gimmick is completely flawless and will fit any kind of bottle: champagne, wine, porto, tequila, beer, Coke, Sprite, Pepsi, Dr. Pepper and many others.

Do not confuse this with any other version. This is truly and without doubt the best system in the world!

Each item is handcrafted by Wil. The Super Aerial Glass is an incredible and very visual effect that will enhance any stage act. It comes ready to perform with a minimum of practice.

"Finally a perfect method for performing the Airborne Glass. I feel that Wil's method will work for me 100% of the time." - Rocco

"This is a great idea and the best system to perform the Airborne glass on the market today." - Fantasio

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When you're in a close up or parlour setting this has to be one of the strongest pieces magic you can perform. You will leave them speechless when a full bottle of wine appears right in front of them.
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An original Nielsen Vanishing Champagne Bottle. Carefully made of rubber and hard to see the difference between this and a real glass bottle, but this one you can put in a paper bag and vanish.
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Imagine taking out a wine bottle, pulling out the cork, pouring a glass of wine and toasting your audience. Next, you place the bottle into a paper bag and finally, you make the bottle VANISH! Or, Imagine, producing a bottle of wine from THIN AIR!
DKK 385,00
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Amazing and visual trick. A true classic in magic where you accidentally produce eight real looking wine bottles. Will simultaneously awe your audience will making them laugh.
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In Splash Bottle 2.0 DVD David STONE performs and explains his professional routine, a jealously guarded secret until now! Also included are detailed instructions and performances of 16 professional routines tested on real audiences.
SPLASH BOTTLE 2.0 - David Stone 3910
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In the middle of your show, you become sweaty and out of breath. So you wipe the sweat off your forehead and take a glass out from under your jacket - filled with champagne! You toast to the crowd and take a sip.
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One of the greatest magic effects, ever: The glass that floats in the air while liquid is being poured in it. It is amazing in any moment and for any public. New production where you can use both bottle or can.
AIRBORNE GLASS - for bottle & can 1470A
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