450 meter of the perfect super bright UV fluorecent thread for the classic Gypsy Thread effect. Enough for 250 performances...
Easy to Break!
Super Bright!
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This version of The Gypsy Thread is sooo extremely clean, and as a bonus you also get a surprising second climax. El Hilo is a true masterpiece you will use and astonish your audience with - for the rest of your life.
EL HILO - Javi Benitez 5093
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This easy-to-break UV Gypsy String is ideal for any Gypsy Thread performance, close-up or on stage. Also included is our fail-safe, no-tangle Gypsy String Winder gimmick for pre-setting the string.
UV GYPSY STRING - Ted Outerbridge 4870
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The Gypsy Thread dates back to 1584. It was mentioned in The Discoverie of Witchcraft, one of the first books on magic. In the past, the effect was somewhat cumbersome and required a significant amount of setup. ABERDEEN annihilates that!!!
ABERDEEN THREAD - James Dickson 4388
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The Gypsy Thread is a classic routine that needed a face-lift and Tony did it! The classic Gypsy Thread has been elevated to new heights!. Includes 30 feet of thread - (Helium and balloons not included)
GYPSY BALLOON - Tony Clark 3583
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