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It's the holy grail of card effects. You display a folded card under an inverted wine glass. You ask someone to name a color, a suit, and a value, to generate a truly random selection. The card under the glass is revealed to be this exact card!

That's the dazzling effect you get with "Switch One," but this is far more than a trick; "Switch One" is a system, of several ingenious principles working together. There is a special gimmick included that makes all sorts of effects possible: tricks with bills, star signs, drink names, and, of course, apparently thought-of playing cards.

The switch itself is not only invisible, but (as Guy Hollingworth notes in his endorsement) it is imperceptible. One object melts into another invisibly. This allows you to melt, say, a card into a dollar bill, or a blank piece of paper into money. But it also allows you to switch one card for another, even when viewers are staring intently at your hands.
It's that clean!

At the core of "Switch One", there is a special gimmick that truly allows you to retrieve any card. However, if you want to opt for the easier handling (as shown in the trailer), you'll find that a singular (yes, just one) moment of equivoque in the beginning helps create the best results. As you'll learn both though, you can decide for yourself!

Despite how impossible it might look, Switch One is actually super easy to use. With a little practice, anyone can master it and will then truly have a miracle-maker on their hands.

This special "Switch One" system works with any deck of cards but also isn't limited to just playing cards. You can also use it to switch bills or billets to predict star signs, drinks names or whatever you'd like.

Check out the trailer for a full unedited performance.

"It fooled me on three different levels." - Andy Nyman

"I wish Marlo could have seen this switch. He would have loved it." - Bill Malone

“Completely imperceptible. I wish these switches had existed when I was trying to work out how to tear and restore a card!” - Guy Hollingworth


“The best and most baffling piece of sleight of hand I saw at the Session 2020 and a move that will transform my approach to several effects” - R. Paul Wilson

"Switch One fooled my eyes and my mind. I had him repeat it many times without explaining it, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I am delighted for Christian because he is at the forefront of cutting edge magic, technical execution and creative expression. Highly recommended." - Michael Vincent

“Looks great ... so, so good” - Chris Kenner

"Christian is a super nice, funny and incredibly creative human. Well, at least I think he’s human? It’s hard to tell because all of his creations are so well thought out, as if by AI or something. Switch one is an incredible technique, a diabolical gimmick and a wealth of amazing ideas. It will require some practice but once you get this down you will have a mind blowing effect that looks like real magic!" - Richard Sanders

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