"A blockbuster routine from beginning to end. A great way to add 7-10 minutes to any act." -Tony Clark

"One of the finest products to hit the magic community. Absolutely Terrific!" -Jeff McBride

Borrow a bill from an audience member. Have him sign his name across the face of the bill so they will recognize it later. Fold the bill up and place it into a small drawstring money bag. Ask the spectator to hold the bag in full view. 

Now, for the game! Bring out a stack of giant, laminated "valuable gift cards" worth over $10,000.00! The spectator will have a chance to win one of the valuable prizes. He randomly picks one of the cards, face down. Clip the card onto the stand. Now, show him what he didn't win. No sports car. No diamond ring. No $10,000.00 in cash. No computer system. No London vacation. Well, what did he win? Give him one last chance to pick either the prize card or his money in the bag. He picks the money.

Ah, well. Ask him to open the bag. He does. Inside is a slip of paper that says, "Congratulations, you are a Winner!" But the money is gone!! Turn over the prize card. It's a picture of a lemon! What a great prize!! Reach into your case and bring out a bag of lemons. He reaches in and freely selects one.

Bring out a knife and slice open the lemon. There inside is his $50 dollar bill with his signature right across its face! Unbelievable!! What a routine!!

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