You get:
The patented Ultimate Remote: built in magnetic switch so you can fade, cross fade, or play your music by bringing a magnet close to the remote. You could wear a magnetic ring or strap a remote to your ankle and a small magnet to the other!
Long Range (900 ft.) FM Radio Frequency burst signal - The best technology available. Strong and secure.
Rechargeable. Just plug it in for 30 minutes once every few months (yes, you read that correctly).
Each button has a short press and long press function.
Receiver device with antenna and cord (plugs into android device)

Charge from any computer or outlet anywhere in the world!
Simple to use 6 button remote
Tactile, shaped buttons
Can be felt through your pocket
Short and long press functions
Fade out a track instead of an abrupt ending
Cross fade into the next song
Long range (80 feet on original remote) (new remote 200+ feet)
Long lasting rechargeable battery
Volume up/down and one touch volume control (no need to press 10 times to increase 10 notches, just press and hold)

Make unlimited playlists
Large display shows track number, name, and next track name
Customize volume of any track in any playlist
Store tracks and playlists in the cloud and load them onto any android device
Each track can be set to play right into the next one or wait for your command before moving on
Fast forward, rewind tracks right from the remote
Out of range indicated by screen turning red
Make, reorder, and customize playlists on the fly in seconds by touchscreen

Please notice:
The original Ultimate Control had a mp3 player but the new one works with any android device. DON'T WORRY MAC USERS... it is easier to learn than the mp3 player was! You need a dedicated Android device together with what you get here. The manufactorer highly recommend the Amazon Fire tablet.

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Ingenious and sophisticated design from Germany. The table is 91 cm. high and the plate is 40 x 40 cm.. Takes only a few seconds to set up. Total weight only 2,4 kilo.
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