THE DEAD MAN'S DECK (Unharmed Edition)
Itemnumber: 5526unharmed
DKK 110.00 / pcs
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Limited deck of cards with custom seal celebrates Wild Bill Hickok and the Wild West. Where the original deck had a hole in the middle, this deck is still gorgeous and aged, but perfectly normal. Printed by Cartamundi on their slimline board with a B9 finish.

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  • This deck celebrates Wild Bill Hickock, who was shot during a poker game in 1876. Each card in the pack has been aged and treated to look like cards used during the era of Wild Bill Hickock and his cohorts in Deadwood.

    The original version contained an actual bullet hole going all way through the cards. This made it an oddity and an unusual deck of collectors. But it also made it essentially unusable for card games and magicians. This edition eliminates this bullet hole; now it's a gorgeous, aged, but perfectly normal pack of cards.

    Printed by Cartamundi on Slimline B9 stock, this deck feels perfect for gambling routines, displays, flourishes, and magic.

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