Pegani & CSR

How Pegani works with CSR


At Pegani we wish to have happy customers and a good collaboration with our suppliers. We aim to be fair, enact positive change and take societal responsibility - locally, as well as globally. We aim to foster a work environment that is open, equal, and guided by humane values and social responsibility. We are actively working to reduce our footprint on the planet by taking steps to push the boundaries of just how low-carbon intensive and sustainable an e-commerce business can actually become.

We make no claims to be perfect, there is always plenty of room for improvement. However, we have taken important steps to start this worthwhile journey and will continue to work with our CSR policy and act with faith and transparency towards accomplishing our related initiatives, plans and goals. Since 2018, we have been regularly celebrating small and large positive changes and initiatives on the list below. Thank you for joining us.

Environment & Climate

1. When trading in-store and at fairs, the procedure in recent years has been to avoid packaging as much as possible. On special occasions, goods come in our Pegani tote bag (and if you get one, you have to bring it everywhere and use it until worn out).

2. We reuse received packaging to the greatest extent possible for forwarding goods. If you also reuse the cardboard box from your order, you are doing the planet a service.

3. We mainly use our own read newspapers to protect goods during shipment - or reuse filler material received from suppliers.

4. At the same time, we strive to pack our shipments so that they take up no more space than absolutely necessary in the postal van, but also securely so that nothing breaks.

5. When we buy new packaging, we ensure that it is environmentally certified - at least FSC-certified.

6. Since January 1, 2019, we have CO2-compensated all domestic shipments.

7. Where possible, we also offset CO2 emissions for import and export shipments - including DHL. We regularly request a similar solution from our other carriers.

8. Since January 1, 2018, we have CO2-neutralized our domain

9. We have completely phased out disposable tableware - both for daily use and (almost also) for events.

10. We have actually become quite good at sorting waste and keep on improving.

11. We have taken a proactive stance and discourage the release of helium balloons into the wild and educate on environmentally friendly balloon and helium use.

12. As of August 1, 2019, we redesigned our billing procedures, annually saving the use of 20,000 sheets of paper.

13. We only use paper with recognized environmental labels: Swan-labeled, FSC or PEFC-certified paper.

14. IF we fly to convetions, we always offset the CO2 emissions.

15. In spring 2019, we applied sun film to our skylights and have since eliminated the use of air conditioning.

16. We have long since replaced our fossil-fueled cars and now only drive electric vehicles.

17. In March 2022, we had solar panels installed on the roof of the building, resulting in a reduction in our electricity consumption of close to 50%. The rest of our power consumption comes from Danish solar panels and wind turbines via "NRGI time".

18. We have actively participated in the network "The Green Business Network", where together with other local industries, we try to gain knowledge and find new solutions for further green transition.

19. We do not want to sell "tricks for the drawer"! Our most sustainable products are those that are used frequently and bring great joy, for as long as possible. Therefore, we are meticulous about quality and spend a lot of time guiding and advising our customers, so they only buy products they can handle and will enjoy.

20. With support from "SMV Grøn" and professional assistance from Artlinco, in the spring of 2023, we actively investigated how we can extend the lifespan of our products. Several of the conclusions have already been implemented - and more are on the way!

21. In the summer of 2023, we took the first steps to systematize the sale of used items, with the creation of the category SECOND-HAND MAGIC. Since then, many used books and props have found new happy owners. Stay tuned as we gradually expand the offering to recycle magic equipment.

22. In 2023, at our annual magic sales event, we opened up for our customers to bring and sell of their own pre-loved magic equipment.

23. To save energy - especially in winter - we have sealed off one entrance to the warehouse.

24. In December 2023, we finally had a chance to skip the old "gas heating" in the ware house halls and replace it with district heating in both.

Social Responsibility

1. We aim to contribute to the community by paying taxes, VAT, and duties correctly.

2. We strive to take social responsibility and be an inclusive workplace based on humane values. Currently, we have three skilled employees hired in flexible and supported job positions.

3. We aim to make an impact and inquire about our partners' CSR policies and climate initiatives with curiosity. Our inquiries are formulated in collaboration with cirka cph.



1. We are proud members of the Red Cross Business Club.

2. We are regular business sponsors for Save the Children Denmark.

3. Since our establishment, we have supported The Danish Hospital Clowns and collaborate with KidsAid Denmark.

4. In addition to our regular sponsorships, we collect and donate a considerable amount to Save the Children and Danish Refugee Aid every year.

5. We believe that magic rhymes well with empathy and are open to sponsoring initiatives with social and humanitarian aims.


And when it comes to polishing our halo...
...we serve fair-trade coffee and tap water instead of bottled water. And you're always welcome to have a cup :-)