An amazing improvement of a magic classic. You will receive a glass specially designed for a visual capacity of 500 ml of liquid. The magician shows the liquid, with the ability to make 80% vanish.

This new version of the classic milk glass is so much better and bigger, has a larger capacity, is greater visually, and is adaptable to these modern times. You will also receive a small, special valve for speed control, enabling you to have it ready at any time you need it. The special valve does not let the liquid go down due to air control -- this make it a unique gadget. This valve that comes with the glass is optional in your performances -- you can use the glass with it or without it. This special gimmick controls the speed of the liquid when it is going down. You can even stop the liquid whenever you want, and you can return the movement yet again. 

With the glass, you receive 2 stickers of really famous brands of coffee in the world. This will make your device look like the genuine item to the eyes of the audience. 

You can use the glass with coke, milk, coffee, orange juice, etc. 

You will receive:

  • Automatic milk glass
  • Plastic lid
  • 2 stickers
  • Downloadable video

The best is coming. If you were always bored with small milk glasses, then the Automatic Milk Glass will rekindle your love of this great effect, and enhance your magic!

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Greg Wilson is a man known for creating many of the best pieces of impromptu magic in modern times. With Coffee House Conjuring, Greg has released some of his best impromptu magic yet.
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You show the glass filled with milk. Pour some of the milk into a bag or in a fist. Next, the milk disappears without a trace, but could reappear in the glass again. Or, after every trick, the presenter can take a sip of the milk and have it refilled again and again.
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